Friday, November 03, 2006

Testing the blog

The latest of pages complete! This is probably my favorite page from this issuevery simple story telling and compostion. I am finally starting to put the story first. Wich can be tough cause as an artist alot of time we want to be as dramatic as possible...But to be honest I feel more of a reward the simpler I can be......-T


Blogger Steven Wilcox said...

It's a great page. I love your use of blacks. Yours is a style that looks great un-colored... Can't wait to see more...!

8:37 AM

Blogger tomsaville said...

I'll definately be following the blog...thanks for sharing your sketches! very inspiring.

8:20 AM

Blogger Kane said...

Dudes Thank you!!! I am haveing alot of fun trying different angles on stuff...I hope to have some more stuff up asap...-T

1:38 PM


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