Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Color Bender

Whelp here be the colors! Trying some new things out some i like some not so much!!! Hope you guys like!!!-T


Blogger COMIKXGUY said...

the colors man, the colors :)

going to SDCC?

10:59 PM

Blogger Kane said...

Hhaha Thanks man!!! Not this year....have to take a year off you?-T

12:00 AM

Blogger COMIKXGUY said...

so..... does that mean your not going or does that mean you have to take a year off because of me? :)ha ha :[

yeah, i know you won't be there that sukx

me, i'm def'nitly goin'

oh well

btw happened to those photos of you sculpting?


2:10 AM

Blogger BigG said...

Looking good mister Kane! Nice work.

2:14 PM

Blogger Cheeks said...

i could definitely see you draw a full avatar book. your colors have come a long way in great strides, bud!

11:20 AM


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