Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Man This was huge for me I loved this cartoon as a kid man!!! This was for Cereal Geek magazine out of the UK!!! Awesome book by the way!!!! Very blessed to do this one....Although I had to pencil ink and color in a day and a half....-T

Still Crazy

This is from Supercrazy Tnt Blast wich came out from speakeasy still...There is alot wrong but still kinda fun too look at...I have all this stuff baried in the hard drive of my old computer I'll have to try and dig them out!!!-T

This is more Creator owned properties...-T


I really don't know what i was thinking on most of this.....-T

Cleaning house!!!

It's time to get on with the new so to start i am cleaning out my portfolio showing some work you may have seen some you may not..... You see i am notorious for not showing my works...not cause I am stingy but cause mostly i know it is not my best!!! But my Good Friend Cheeks has brought it to my attention that this always the case and I must change it so here it be the good the bad and the ugly!!! Thanks for lookking!!!-T

Techy stuffs...

Gotta love them cars!!!! Ok so I wanted to post some other type of work not comic related!!! i love the Honda's Cr-x I have owned four of these cars... So I take a shot at redesigning it quite often this is the most recent!!!-T

Friday, March 09, 2007

oldies but goodies

Just some old stuff but thought it was time to update. Thanks for looking!!!-T