Wednesday, November 22, 2006

just some fun

WHELP!!! I have never done this before and thought it was time....I love it when artists besides myself talk about the piece and show the steps.....
Soooo it was rough startin I did a few pose sketches that I wasn't feeling...Then I started thinking about if I could write and draw a Quasar book how would I do it?....
So I imaganed him as a doted upon kind of anti hero...Then I really started chuckin had the idea that he was to save a planet from destruction but when he got there it was a planet of hydrogen inhabatited only by slugs so he is a little miffed.....
From start to finish the lineart was about 3 hours or so....The colors.....took forever man. Not just because of haveing family here for Thanksgiving but I wanted to smooth out my coloring process for this type of lineart so I had to finagle and try alot of new things....Somethings i like others not so much....Anyhow i hope you enjoy!!!-T
pencils inks and colors; Tim Kane

Friday, November 03, 2006

Testing the blog

The latest of pages complete! This is probably my favorite page from this issuevery simple story telling and compostion. I am finally starting to put the story first. Wich can be tough cause as an artist alot of time we want to be as dramatic as possible...But to be honest I feel more of a reward the simpler I can be......-T