Thursday, August 23, 2007

Marvel cards part 2

Just some sketch cards for the Upperdeck Marvel masterpiece 2007 line hope that you likes!!!-T


Blogger Cheeks said...

timmy-T! these cards are kickin some major booty! do more, mang!

11:18 AM

Blogger COMIKXGUY said...

more cards man!

4:59 PM

Blogger mountii said...

those pics are excellent no lie
~ mountii

5:43 PM

Blogger Kane said...

ThankGuys!!! means alot!!!-T

10:47 AM

Blogger RED said...

Dude, do you do any card commissions?? Cause one of my buds/clients is trying to find me a good Kane (well, you, haha) on ebay to pay/trade for one of my 10 UD proofs, but there are sooo few of your cards online!! So I figured Id ask her to get me a card by another artist I love and Id just ask you for a private commission to get my fill of Kane. So yeah, long story short, me wants to commission you, please.

sorry for the long comment, but I couldnt find an email anywhere! DOH!

11:06 AM

Blogger Kane said...

I sure do!!! Man I saw one on ebay the guy wanted 300 dollars for.. That's plain crazy!!

I do do comissions it is difficult to give a precise time frame with all the work that appears to be coming in!!! But I would love to do one fer ye!!!

No problem Do you have a myspace page? I am on there so that may make it easier fer ye!!! Thanks again!-T

12:58 PM


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